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Industrial Solvent Pigment


MINIMIX is an excellent series of fine pigment dispersion, with excellent viscosity, (<8μ; Erichen –M232) designed specifically for use in tintometric systems. All the dispersions are optimized in the optimum performance level for phsyical and mechanical properties. Our main characteristics are a good relation between price/quality and easy application.

With MINIMIX you can choose to use your personal formulas in the pigment colors you want, or you can request the installation of our Software designed for our color catalog with over 5000 colors available.


Proven Quality

Manufactured by OctoQuímica Lda, a company with know-how accumulated over 30 years of market.

High Tech

High technology system developed for color formulation and reproduction, guaranteeing fidelity in tonalities, repeatability and color diversity.


Small Stocks

It allows you to get the product only when you need it.


Easy & Fast

Easy and fast satisfaction of customer’s color needs.

Complete Products

Very complete product line available to the customer.

Greater Control

Small lots.



Dispensing Machines.


Color Diversity

Eurotrend, RAL & NCS, Ral Industria and ColoradoMix catalogs, with over 5000 colors available.

Multiple Applications

A wide variety of applications in the most diverse bases.




Quality control of each pigment is conducted for each individual unit through spectrometric analysis reports, in order to control the intensity of colour especially, the results of which are always present on each package.

Minimix Quality Control:
– All of the pigments are controlled by their chromatic value. : dE<0,8 – All the pigments are controlled by their colour intensity: 100% ±3 – All the pigments are controlled within their density of: ±0,05 – All the colours come with dE 0,8 ,below the standard value.




The diversity in uses of these pigment pastes depends on the material that it is being applied on. The Urethane and Polyurethane bases are used on furniture for lacquering effects and internal use. The Alkyd bases, or common enamels, are used on metals and car bodies and the Epoxy bases are most highly recommended, due to their high level of resistance to external elements, for pavements. The Polyurethane bases are a 2K, 2 component and have a high resistance to external elements.



We guarantee compatibility with bases of other manufacturers.


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